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Authentic adventures to the desert without sacrificing comfort, safety and convenience specializes in unforgettable private tour packages to the Huacachina desert, located four hours south of Lima. There are many experiences that await you, including an extraordinary dune buggy tour to explore the gigantic dunes of the desert, which are surprisingly beautiful and surreal.

Your dune buggy tour can be fast and exhilarating, like a rollercoaster in the desert. Or it can be slow and romantic, allowing a leisurely opportunity to experience the sunset over the dunes. And there are many optional tours that can be added to the itinerary, to enhance your tour even more.

Many people take full day tours, but if you have more time available, two and three day tours will allow you to experience even more of the coast. And there are luxurious hotels available if you want to splurge.

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Tours by private transport
Tours by bus
At this time does not offer tours by bus. We recommend the tour agency PERU HOP, which offers a one day tour to the Ballestas Islands and Huacachina by bus. This is perfect for people who are on a limited budget. Please visit there website here
Yes, I would like a tour guide ($85 USD per day)
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One hour private tour: $25 USD per person
Two hour group tour: $22 USD per person