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You are currently reading about tours that are not in the city of Ica but are a few hours away. These tours are excellent one, two, three or four-day trips. To reserve a tour or in inquire about prices, email us at . Peru's southern pacific coast has a lot to see and do, and we are enthusiastic about showing it to visitors!


The Ballestas Islands

About an hour north of Ica is a city called Pisco. Nearby is Paracas National Reserve, and the famous Islas Ballestas [Ballestas islands], which are a marine wildlife sanctuary. These Ballestas islands and the Paracas national park constitute one of the 10 most popular destinations in Peru for tourists.

Sometimes called the "Poor Man's Galapagos" because of the cheap price to visit them, las Islas Ballestas are full of wild animals such as sea lions, starfish, terns, boobies, zarcillos, and endangered Humboldt penguins. Occasionally, acquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins can be seen. In addition to the animal life, the islands and the Paracas coastline feature strange and beautiful rock formations, as well as a gigantic candleabra carved into the sand centuries ago for reasons unknown. One theory states that this mysterious candleabra was used as a nautical guide, to help ships find or avoid the bay. To see some photos and get additional info, click here to READ MORE.

Paracas National Reserve

Located about fifteen minutes away from the town of Paracas is the Paracas National Reserve. This is the only marine nature park on Peru's coast, and its a very memorable place. Visitors here enjoy amazing and surreal scenery: wind-swept sand dunes, jagged cliffs that jut out into the waves of the ocean, and picturesque beaches. Plus, during certain seasons of the year, pink flamingoes enter the protected waters of the bay in order to fish. Photographers love this tour. The Paracas National Reserve tour can easily be taken after the Ballestas islands tour. That way you can unrivaled views of the islands and the mainland of the Paracas National Reserve.

Nazca Tours

We offer a wide variety of tours in Nazca via our sister company,

Nazca is a small, quiet, dusty town in the desert, about 2 hours south of Ica. However, it is one of the favorite tourist locations in Peru. What is the big attraction here? The Nazca Lines. These ancient figures, known as geoglyphs, were carved into the desert sand in the form of whales, hummingbirds, dogs, and other animals. The best way to see these lines is to fly over them in a small airplane. We offer these flights at excellent prices.

Apart from the Nazca Lines, there are several major and minor archaeological sites. For example, nearby is the pre-Incan cemetery of Chauchilla still holds the remains of hundreds of ancient tribesman, whose mummified bodies, clothing, and hair are preserved by the dry heat of the desert.

Another important site is the Cantalloc aquaducts, also known as Cantayo. These enigmatic spiral-shaped holes cut into the ground are a fascinating way of learning about the engineering and artistic masteries of the ancient Nazcan people. After visiting these aquaducts in person, you can fly over them as well! Feel free to read more about all the tours we offer in the Nazca area.

Lunahuana [coming soon]:

This is a small town about 3.5 hours south of Lima, that has become popular amongst adventure tourism fans. It's main attraction is its white water rafting, which depending on the season can be appropriate for beginners (level I and II), intermediate (III), and advanced (low IV), as well as affordable quad tours ($15 per hour, with guide) and cheap cocktails(5 soles) in the central plaza. There is rafting all year round, but between may and december the rafting is too easy and therefore only fit for beginners.

Do you want to come here yourself, without a tour? The best way to do this is to get off the Lima-Ica bus route at Cañete (also known as San Vicente de Cañete) - from here, you will need to pay about 1 sol per person to take a taxi or collectivo to a nearby city called Imperial. From there you have a one-hour journey by mini-van or collectivo to Lunahuana - expect to pay from 3-4 soles per person for this route.


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