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You would think that traveling to an oasis in the middle of the desert in Peru would be a little difficult. Since Huacachina is still relatively unknown to many travelers in Peru, it is not quite as simple as getting to Lima or to Cusco. However, it is still relatively simple once you know what you are doing. Scroll through to see a complete list of transportation options for getting to Huacachina.

Note: You cannot fly to Huacachina. Peru Hop is the only bus direct to Huacachina, the rest go to Ica.


It is not possible to fly to Huacachina as there is no airport in the closest city of Ica. Because it is not possible to fly, you only really have two options to travel from Lima to Huacachina.


You have 2 options for taking a bus:

Public Bus:

By traveling with a public bus to Huacachina, it takes roughly 5 hours to get there. Of both options it would be the least recommended. Public buses traveling from Lima to Huacachina are known to pick up random passengers on the middle of the road, having to show no ID. This increases the pickpockets that occur local buses as foreigners who aren’t cautious with their laptop or bags are targeted. Apart from this, you will arrive to Ica, where you’ll have to take a taxi from the street on a 15 minute drive to Huacachina.


Peru Hop Bus:

The only bus company to travel directly to Huacachina from Lima is Peru Hop. They’re a hop-on, hop-off bus system with an excellent Tripadvisor rating and service. They have over 40 different passes to choose from and are perfect for all types of travelers. To learn more, make sure to check out their How It Works page!

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Taking A Tour To Huacachina

Tours to Huacachina are common and are the best option for those with a few days in Lima. They include the Sandboarding & Dunebuggy tour, Nazca Lines Flight and more!

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