OFFICIAL Huacachina Tour Operator Information

A Huacachina Tour is something everyone should experience when in Peru. Read below for updated information about costs, itineraries, operators and much more!

Many travelers to Peru enquire about a Huacachina Tour and based on our years of experience as the Official Huacachina Information Website, we have expert insights into a Huacachina Tour.

Tips & advice

  • Ensure you choose a formal tour operator (has a good website, 500+ Tripadvisor reviews, strong safety emphasis)
  • Huacachina is 4.5 hours from Lima, so travel with a company who have large, spacious buses
  • For Sandboarding, it is recommended to lie facing down, not standing up. Many travelers have ended up in local clinics with broken bones from falling when standing up
  • Book your tour in advance – Huacachina is getting fuller all the time, avoid disappointment!
  • Best Huacachina Tour Operators

    Peru Hop – Have gained a huge reputation amongst travelers and locals in Peru for having a high class service using luxury buses (most others use minivans). They offer day trips from Lima to Huacachina and trips from Huacachina to any other part of Peru.

    FindLocalTrips – Website that sells sandboarding tours in Huacachina and only work with reputable companies.

    Typical Huacachina Tour Itinerary (from Lima)

    06:00am: Get picked up directly from your accommodation in Lima. Once you get a quick run down of what the day awaits, you’ll more than likely fall asleep on the big, cushioned seats.

    10:00am: Arrive at Paracas, a picturesque beach town located just an hour away from Huacachina. A perfect stop to enjoy a 2-hour boat tour to the Ballestas Islands. Known as Peru’s Galapagos Islands, you’ll get up close to the rich marine wildlife such as sea lions and penguins!

    12:00pm: Free time to discover more of Paracas. We recommend eating some delicious sea food with great views of the ocean!

    1:30pm: Start making way on a quick drive directly into the Huacachina Oasis.

    2:45pm: Arrive at Huacachina and discover the natural oasis. The always-sunny desert town is one of those places where the pictures just don’t do it justice. It’ll be love at first sight!

    4:00pm: The most-awaited activity: sandboarding and dunebuggy tour! Hop onto the dunebuggies and ride up some of the biggest sand dunes in South America. Once up, it’s time to go down on the exhilarating sandboards. An unforgettable experience that finishes off by watching a beautiful sunset through the many dunes.

    Check out the full Huacachina tour itinerary and all the details here!

    Huacachina Tour ending with a beautiful sunset


    A Huacachina tour is a MUST for anybody traveling to Peru. Ensure you choose the right company as it’s a long way from Lima and you want to travel in safety and comfort. Have a great trip and make sure you spread the word about this magnificent Oasis