Pisco Vineyard

Tour Description

Ica is a desert, but amazingly it is also the main location in Peru for the production of red wine and a Peruvian brandy known as “pisco.” Pisco is a very strong drink, and it is the national drink of Peru. When mixed with certain other ingredients, it plays the leading role in the “Pisco Sour” a popular cocktail. In ancient days, slaves would be forced to stomp the grapes with their bare feet all night long, and then the wine was fermented. Later, a method of distilling the wine in copper tubes was created and the distilled liquid became a very potent liquor known as Pisco.

During this tour, you’ll will visit two wineries. The first winery is a small, family-run winery where Pisco and red wine is produced using the same techniques that were invented by the descendents of the Spanish invaders. We can observe the clay jars known as “botijas” where the crushed grapes were allowed to ferment, and we will hear how wine and pisco was created in the colonial era.

Then we will visit a winery that is a large, modern winery that produces huge volumes of wine and pisco. They use modern techniques, and create an exportation-quality wine and pisco.

At both wineries, there will be a chance to sample the wine and pisco. This is included in the cost of the tour. And if you wish to eat lunch, there is a restaurant located at one of the wineries that serves typical Iquena food (food from Ica).

Where To Book

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